Emcee Monte in Washington Park by Jason Lee

Emcee Monte

Chicago Rapper on a mission


Emcee Monte is a talented MC, Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Spoken-word artist and all-around Entertainer from the south side of Chicago. His goal is to make music that tells a story, encourages people and inspires the world through beats and rhymes, keeping Hip Hop alive!

He is one of Chicago's finest underground MCs. He is known for his versatile rhyming and his powerful, positive messages. Influenced by the pioneers of Hip Hop, Emcee Monte delivers a phenomenal performance with the essence of the originators and old-school greats like Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, LL Cool J, and Rakim fused with the style and flair of new school artist like Common, J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and Missy Elliot. With his beat-making ability, fresh rhymes and dance skills, Emcee Monte is a triple threat. His stage presence, superstar quality, and high energy deliver an unforgettable performance! Emcee Monte can be heard on all music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Tidal and more. Join the mailing list for all the latest updates!

Photo by Jason Lee, Chicago, IL


“I’m so Black” is conscious hip-hop at it’s finest – it’s a musical rally, urging people to wake up, and fight for and celebrate black lives.” - RTP

Rock The Pigeon

His flow is of the legends from Q-Tip to Jay-Z, old school rappers like Easy-E and Chuck D. This is one of the funkiest releases of the year... Emcee Monte has a masterful way with the mic, smooth as anyone lyrically, a wordsmith in the age of current chaos.” - YOI

Year of Insomnia

Armed with his unique flow and insightful lyrics, he breaks down what it means to be black in America. With lines like "Black exodus, black excellence, I’m just minding my black-owned business" Monte revels in his roots and implores others to do the same.” - Tayo Odutola

The Word is Bond

Emcee Monte has just released the very timely self-produced, new single and lyric video for #BlackLivesMatter which tells of the struggle, the tragedies, and triumphs of the racial climate in America today.” - DCWS

Dope Cause We Said

If this is your first time hearing of Emcee Monte, I promise it won’t be your last. Emcee Monte was teleported straight out of the 90’s Hip-Hop era and dropped in our generation with a mission. ” - Jess McNeill

Masked Faces